Bespoke Solar Solutions

Solar technology is developing constantly and there are now solutions available for camping and caravanning. Your solar system will convert the sun’s energy into electricity and fits easily into your camping and caravanning routine. The energy can be stored in your leisure battery and released again when you require your appliance. By positioning your panels in the correct array you can benefit from the daylight throughout the course of the day.

The Benefits of Solar

Installing solar can take away the cost of your nightly electrical connection and help reduce your carbon footprint.Once installed your solar system will require very little maintenance and constantly in daylight hours.

The great thing about solar is that it can be fitted to just about any vehicle or boat and Sun Spirit will help you with the design of this!

The Installation Process

Sun Spirit offer an installation service at a cost or you can have a go and fit the panels yourself depending on your skills and expertise. Just call the office on 0191 5118133 to enquire.

The Equipment

The Standard Series

This is the original free-hanging destratification fan, having been introduced by Airius in 2004 and since gained popularity around the world.

The Suspended Series

This discreet, unobtrusive destratification solution is ideal for buildings with dropped, false or suspended ceilings.

The Designer Series

This destratification system brings the same benefits and functions as the Standard Series, but is particularly suited to architecturally sensitive installations.

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