What is Destratification?

Thermal stratification is a natural occurrence in buildings, whereby hot air rises to the ceiling or roof while cool air falls to the floor. Destratification, then, involves the recirculation of both existing and newly generated heat to balance a building’s internal temperatures. Once installed, these systems will bring immediate and significant reductions in the operation time and workload of your heating and cooling systems, in turn noticeably improving comfort levels in your building.

Here at Sun Spirit we are proud to work alongside global leader and Carbon Trust recommended, Airius to deliver their thermal destratification solution as the company’s preferred installer in the North East.

The Benefits of Destratification

Airius destratification systems bring wide-ranging benefits for buildings of all sizes and types, slashing heating and cooling costs and CO2 emissions at the same time as helping to ensure the optimum working conditions.

Prominent businesses to have fitted Airius units range from British Airways and Harrods to Siemens and Waitrose, with the many other reported benefits including minimal maintenance requirements, low running costs, compatibility with all types of HVAC systems and the recycling of heat from machinery, lighting and solar gain.

The Installation Process

As one of the UK’s largest solar providers, Sun Spirit can quickly and effectively install Airius destratification fans in both new and existing buildings. Although the process of installing an Airius destratification system is simple, we can nonetheless provide in-depth technical support to ensure there are no hitches with the fitting of your fan.

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The Equipment

The Standard Series

This is the original free-hanging destratification fan, having been introduced by Airius in 2004 and since gained popularity around the world.

The Suspended Series

This discreet, unobtrusive destratification solution is ideal for buildings with dropped, false or suspended ceilings.

The Designer Series

This destratification system brings the same benefits and functions as the Standard Series, but is particularly suited to architecturally sensitive installations.

Frequently asked questions

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When will I start saving?

Immediately! The moment the units ­­­­are switched on, the efficiency of the building and HVAC system will start to improve, reaching their full potential once equalisation is achieved (within 48 hours depending on the size of the building.

How much can I expect to save on heating?

Savings range hugely from building to building with average savings of 30 – 50%. With over 100,000 units sold we have had reported savings ranging from 20% to 76%.

What happens if the unit fails inside the 3 year warranty period?

If a unit fails within the warranty period, simply return the defective unit to Airius Europe Ltd. Once the unit is received a replacement will be sent out free of charge by return.

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