For many years, we have been aware of global warming and the effects our actions have on the environment but there are still many of us who do not take any action at all. Using renewable energy is not just about the environment, it can actually save you money too as well as securing a more sustainable future for our next generation.

If the majority of us use renewable energy we can reverse the damage that we have caused over the last 120 years, and create a better planet for our future generations. If we continue to use non-renewable energy sources, such as coal, oil and gas, and do nothing eventually they will run out and this will in effect cause global economy problems including price rises and possible hostility between oil and gas rich countries. To secure a happier, healthier and safer environment we need to adopt a greener lifestyle and economy and use more renewable energy including solar power.

If we all make the change, others will follow. It just takes one person to make a difference, which will then cascade to others so that eventually the majority of people will use solar panels, become more environmentally-conscious and help to preserve our very precious resources.   Just a few small changes to our lifestyle and economy are all that is needed to help protect and save our environment.  And the added bonus is that you can also earn a tax-free income from generating your own energy.

It’s the free energy that comes from the sun that can help reduce your bills, bring an extra stream of income into households and businesses and which can also help reduce the damaging effects on the environment.

It’s not a case of choosing to install solar panels it’s a case of changing over to renewable energy today so that our future generations can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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