What is Solar Optimisation

Solar optimisation refers to the practice of harvesting greater power from a PV system through the effective removal of known system constraints. As one of the UK’s largest solar providers, Sun Spirit is proud to be in partnership with SolarEdge, which has been one of the most important and innovative forces in solar energy in recent times. SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that revolutionised the manner in which power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

How Does it Work

Today, SolarEdge is responsible for a portfolio of acclaimed products encompassing power optimisers, highly efficient PV inverters and a web platform for module-level monitoring and fault detection. Sun Spirit works in conjunction with SolarEdge to provide such products for both domestic and commercial applications.

Choose SolarEdge products supplied by Sun Spirit, and whether as an installer or system owner, you can enjoy the full benefits of SolarEdge solutions, including exceptional reliability, comprehensive warranties and the highest standard of technical support. We can offer SolarEdge to new customers desiring the installation of a solar system, or apply it as a retrofit to existing systems to enhance production.

The Installation Process

Whether your household or organisation requires the installation and setting up of an entire new SolarEdge site or the addition of components to an existing SolarEdge site, here at Sun Spirit, we can undertake every stage of the installation process, beginning with the connection of power optimisers to panels and continuing right through to the final configuration of the converter.

In-between, we can attend to such vital intermediate tasks as the installation of the inverter, the commissioning and activation of the installation, the recording of power optimiser serial numbers and the connection of the inverter to the SolarEdge Monitoring Server.

The Equipment

Single Phase Inverter

Choose SolarEdge's single phase inverter for the greatest efficiency and reliability for both domestic and commercial PV systems. These inverters have been specifically designed to work with power optimisers and deliver a truly remarkable efficiency of 97.6%, in addition to being small, lightweight and easy to install.

Power Optimisers

SolarEdge offers a power optimiser that takes the form of a DC/DC converter, which is connected by installers to each PV module. It incorporates such features as per-module Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), advanced, real-time performance measurement and a design for extreme environmental conditions. It also comes with a 25-year warranty and delivers 99.5% peak efficiency and 98.8% weighted efficiency.

PV System Monitor

The SolarEdge system offers a significant advantage in the form of the web-based monitoring portal for which no additional hardware is required. It can be trusted to track the performance of one or more SolarEdge PV systems, providing real-time performance data for not only individual modules, but the system as a whole.

Frequently asked questions

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How long will it take to complete the installation?

If the system is an additional product to your existing system it will depend on how many panels you have as to how long the installation will take. 10 panel systems can be done as quickly as 2 hours and 20 panel systems generally take around 4 hours.

If you are getting panels installed as a full system then we would integrate the Solar Edge device into the installation process and we expect a full installation would take approximately half a day.

How much additional income can I expect to make?

Depending on the system size and the Feed in Tariff rate you are on will depend on how much you can expect to make but every system can expect to achieve between a 10-25% increase in production.

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