You have invested a significant amount of money into your solar PV panels – so why allow them to be compromised or damaged by interference from birds? Guano is a recurrent problem for many of those who have invested in solar PV panels, not least given the effect that problems with one panel can have on all of your other panels.

Combat the problem with our acclaimed, dedicated bird protection solution here at Sun Spirit. As one of the North East and the UK’s leading solar providers, we know of the problems that birds can cause, not least given their tendency to¬†return back to the same places time and time again.

Guano can seriously reduce the amount of energy that your panels generate, which is why we offer the dedicated bird protection that serves as the most effective deterrent.

Truly comprehensive protection against guano

Not only is our bird protection solution 100% effective against the scourge of bird droppings, but we can also clean your panels as a part of our service. Taken together, such measures guard against the havoc that birds can play with your home or organisation’s solar PV panels.

With solar PV panels coming to be installed at an ever-increasing rate on buildings across the country, it has never been more important for domestic and commercial customers of such panels to also invest in the solutions that will keep them fully operational and in the best condition.

Here at Sun Spirit, our complete bird protection solution does precisely that, and when you get in touch with our friendly and professional team, we can discuss your most specific requirements before presenting you with a highly competitive quote.