Solar power is becoming more and more popular and important for homes around the UK as it helps lower costs, generates free electricity and helps reduce your carbon footprint. If you are considering getting solar panels installed, there are a few points to consider in terms of suitability.

If your home faces south then you will have the best chance of generating the most electricity. East and west facing roofs are still very good and can still be considered for Solar PV. The pitch of your roof can also affect the amount of electricity your solar PV panels generate. This is why it’s so important to have an expert from Sun Spirit to assess your home’s suitability and devise the best solution for the job.

Is your roof shaded? Are trees or surrounding properties casting a shadow on your roof? If so, our experienced engineers will design the best possible system to reduce the impact of any shading.

Solar PV panels work for your home by using daylight, not specifically sunshine, to generate electricity from the cells within the solar PV panels. The direct current electricity (DC) that is produced is converted to alternating current electricity (AC) so it is suitable for the electrical circuit in your home. So you are actually saving money by having to purchase a reduced amount of electricity from the grid and actually making money from all of the electricity you generate and export back to the grid.

At Sun Spirit all of our staff are trained to the highest standard and we have installers with experience in over 6MW of installations. We ensure our customers receive a professional and seamless service whilst you reduce your carbon footprint, generate your own electricity and receive regular payments for doing so.

Average benefits over the year are around £600 including your Feed-in-Tariff payments and savings generated against your electricity costs, as well as savings against your carbon footprint! It is worth noting that over the lifetime of the tariff (20 years) both of these figures will increase at least in line with the Retail Price Index and so the average annual income will be much higher. So choosing to install solar PV panels is not only fantastic for the environment but also an excellent financial investment.

By also choosing one of our monitoring systems you could also benefit further by detailing the the amount of electricity your solar array is generating and also the amount being used in your property at any given time.  This allows you to maximise the benefit of the free electricity being generated by your PV array. It can also be a useful tool in understanding the energy consumption patterns in your property and how you can influence your energy costs.

Solar panels are still the most reliable and popular renewable energy available to domestic customers.