The exponential growth in recent years of the UK market for solar PV panels has brought with it the need for the highest standard of operations and maintenance (O&M) support, including panel cleaning. These are services that we are delighted to offer here at Sun Spirit as one of the country’s most trusted solar PV specialists.

When your household or business invests in a solar PV system, you will naturally wish to do everything possible so that it remains fully functional and in the best possible condition, not least so that you can see your ROI so much sooner. It is in such a circumstance that you will stand to benefit from the most experienced, specialist support.

This is very much the focus of our operations and maintenance (O&M) services here at Sun Spirit, as we help to keep your solar PV system delivering optimum performance. If your system is underperforming, we will provide a range of services to help improve performance, such as:

  • Checking that each panel is working
  • Checking that the inverter is functional
  • Checking that the meter is reporting accurately
  • Repairing elements of the system
  • Replacing elements of the system
  • Redesigning panels
  • Monitoring installation
  • Shading analysis

We are especially proud of our solar panel cleaning service, which uses the safest and most reputable techniques that also result in the most thorough possible clean.

Our uppermost priority, at all times, is to safeguard the absolute integrity of all elements of your solar PV system, at the right price. Discover how your own solar panels are performing, and we will provide suitably tailored services to ensure that they continue to deliver the best results for your home or business.