Solar Photovoltaic or solar PV panels are the most popular way of generating electricity at home. If you’ve seen rooftops lined with photovoltaic panels and always wondered how they work, then look no further than Sun Spirit for information. Solar PV draws its power from daylight, not necessarily hot or sunny weather, which creates direct current electricity (DC). That current then runs through an inverter which converts it to alternating current electricity (AC), which is what we use in our homes and for commercial use.

section_solar-pv-what1-300x172Harnessing the power of the sun’s rays is a great way to generate free electricity. It’s also a renewable source of energy and always readily available. The environmental benefits of renewable electricity are huge which, coupled with the financial savings is why the Government-backed incentive the Feed in Tariff really works in encouraging more people to install solar PV panels onto their homes.

Not only are the PV panels low maintenance, they also have extremely long life-spans with solar panels having a typical lifespan of up to and exceeding 25 years.

Increasingly we live in an electronic age and our reliance and need for electricity is growing rapidly. With the UK mainly using non-renewable energy and paying extremely high prices to electricity companies, now is the best time to make the change to Solar Energy not only to save energy but also to benefit financially too.

Here at Sun Spirit we specialize in solar PV panels and are regularly developing our company to adapt to new technologies so that we continue to be at the forefront of the marketplace. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service using efficient, reliable and sustainable products.

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